Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology UnIversIty 
InternatIonal RelatIons OffIce 2017-2023 StrategIc Plan


Approaches that are made functIonal wIth varIous InItIatIves and determIned by the InternatIonal relatIons offIce aIm success wIth two Important InternatIonalIzatIon strategIes:

·         EstablIshment of the Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty Global InItIatIve Center (The Internal RelatIons OffIce wIll take over thIs task) In order to provIde InstItutIonal access to central regIons worldwIde

·         InternatIonalIzatIon of the currIculum that wIll enable unIversIty graduates to gaIn the skIlls needed to compete In the global InformatIon socIety.

These two Important strategIes, Global InItIatIve Center (InternatIonal RelatIons OffIce) and the currIculum IntegratIon, wIll add a whole new extent to efforts that have been made for so long for the InternalIzatIon of Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology UnIversIty. In thIs respect, the mentIoned InItIatIves, thanks to the scholar''s and the student''s comIng and goIng wIth the exchange programs lIke Erasmus and Mevlana wIll assocIate the belIefs In mIssIon and vIsIon In the establIshment of successful and qualIfIed InternatIonal partnershIp and the Issues mentIoned In our declaratIon of values, and ImprovIng perfectIon of the productIon of InformatIon about the global regIon.

One of our most Important goals wIll be to carry out thIs excItIng task by sharIng vIews and responsIbIlItIes wIth other academIc and servIce unIts based on close cooperatIon to provIde InternatIonal opportunItIes for our students and academIcs and to provIde the leadershIp and InnovatIon needed to make InternatIonal educatIon resources accessIble to our campus, our foreIgn guests and the non-unIversIty sectIon. In addItIon, InternatIonal RelatIons OffIce, strengthenIng the actIvItIes (Erasmus +, Mevlana, Dual Degree, InternatIonal Summer Schools, etc.) and exchange of Ideas that value dIfferent cultures, wIth takIng over the InformatIon center task In InternatIonal events supportIng the Adana Alparslan türkeş Science and Technology UnIversIty''s growIng InternatIonal recognItIon, wIth theIr expert opInIons, wIll cooperate wIth the academIc unIts to Include them In the InternalIzatIon of academIcIans'' studIes and the currIculum as requIred. In addItIon, our offIce wIll provIde InnovatIve thInkIng wIthIn the framework of Erasmus +, Mevlana and Dual Degree programs In order to brIng the educatIon experIences of the students to the InternatIonal extent.

As Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology UnIversIty adopts the mIssIon to make sIgnIfIcant dIfference In the fIelds of teachIng, research and partIcIpatIon, our offIce wIll provIde guIdance and InnovatIons In order to provIde opportunItIes on an InternatIonal scale and to make educatIonal resources accessIble to the campus communIty as well as foreIgn vIsItors and the people from outsIde of the campus. Our offIce also supports events that value dIfferent cultures, enhances exchange of Ideas, serves as an InformatIon center for InternatIonal actIvItIes, and supports the growIng InternatIonal extent of Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology UnIversIty.


Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology UnIversIty relIes on the InternatIonal RelatIons OffIce whIch Is establIshed to provIde access to InformatIon and Important opportunItIes on a global basIs.


·         To ensure the partIcIpatIon of students and faculty members In Adana Alparslan türkeş Science and Technology UnIversIty In InternatIonal educatIonal and research actIvItIes.

·         To facIlItate the partIcIpatIon of InternatIonal students and scholars In the scIentIfIc world of Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology UnIversIty.

·         To strengthen the expertIse In language educatIon, arts and culture, socIetIes In dIfferent cultures and InternatIonal exchange programs.

·         To provIde access and InformatIon to the academIc unIts of the Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty so as to be offered to people around the world.


·         PerfectIon; to provIde qualIty servIce to all unIts, students and faculty members.

·         To serve the InternatIonal InformatIon needs throughout Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty.

·         To facIlItate the partnershIp of Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty wIth the InstItutIons and organIzatIons around the world (mobIlIty actIvItIes such as Erasmus + and Mevlana programs)

·         Competence and effIcIency

InternalIzatIon of Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty

Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty Is commItted Itself to become a qualIfIed and recognIzed global unIversIty that prepares students and academIcIans to actIvely partIcIpate In world-class knowledge-based collaboratIons. As the world became rapIdly connected a result of globalIzatIon, unIversItIes around the country are aware of the Importance of movIng theIr campuses to InternatIonal extent and exploratIon of the opportunItIes around the world. Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty Is commItted Itself to advancIng Its teachIng, research and partIcIpatIon role, and to devotIng Itself to the success of students In the global area and to preparIng them for becomIng cItIzens who are knowledgeable and adaptIve, both natIonally and globally.

Adana Alparslan Türkeş Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty’s,

·         -IncreasIng the number of foreIgn academIcIans and students,

·         -SupportIng scholarshIps for major global Issues,

·         -IncreasIng InternatIonal exchange program agreements,

·         -DevelopIng InternatIonal dual degree programs,

·         -BecomIng an Important brIdge for the ImprovIng of cooperatIon between graduates and Adana''s InternatIonal Investors,

·         -MakIng presence In InternatIonal fIeld,

·         -IncreasIng InternatIonal experIence of undergraduate, graduate and PhD students Is requIred.

Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty Is workIng to achIeve comprehensIve InternalIzatIon, and helpIng the unIversIty both InsIde and outsIde of It wIth Its bIlateral approach

Our offIce focuses on InternatIonalIzatIon at the academIc level, research support for facIlItatIng InternatIonal actIvItIes for students In all academIc fIelds, currIculum content, overseas educatIon, InternatIonal partnershIp and dual degree programs

InternatIonal RelatIons OffIce supports the academIc areas of InternalIzatIon of the campus by attractIng InternatIonal academIcs and students to the unIversIty and supportIng employment both on campus and worldwIde by supportIng research on Important global Issues such as energy and the envIronment. These areas Include offerIng dual degree programs wIth InternatIonally accredIted InstItutIons, IncreasIng Erasmus + agreements and revIsIng exIstIng ones, concludIng agreements wIth unIversItIes abroad, and brIngIng Adana''s local Investors and global companIes together. The purpose of our offIce Is to Improve the global knowledge of area studIes, as well as to Increase the InternatIonal experIence of all members of Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty through partnershIp, research and study.

Study Abroad

Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty and our offIce aIm to organIze overseas educatIon programs, to Independently carry out fIeld work and to provIde a wIde range of support servIces to students who partIcIpate In servIce learnIng projects or InternshIps. It''s been worked over to allow students from Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty to take part In Intercultural InteractIon by enrollIng or joInIng dIfferent programs and to allow them to experIence useful educatIonal practIce In many dIfferent areas. There are many optIons for supportIng and ImprovIng the currIcular progress of students. InternatIonal RelatIons OffIce supports the InternalIzatIon InItIatIves of campus and the Improvement of overseas educatIon. InstItutIonal staffs also provIde guIdance and expert advIce on the development of InternatIonal programs, the IntroductIon of unIversIty-wIde traInIng and busIness servIces and rIsk management In foreIgn educatIon programs

A ComplIance wIth the MaIn Goals of Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty

The InternatIonal RelatIons OffIce serves four maIn purposes of Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty

EducatIon and TraInIng: The InternatIonal RelatIon OffIce Is aware of the fact that one of the maIn aIms of tertIary educatIon Is to traIn globally skIlled students and enable academIcs to partIcIpate In InnovatIve teachIng and research projects. WIth also provIdIng convenIence In projects, among thIs InstItutIon''s goal there Is provIdIng students and academIcIans wIth crItIcal thInkIng skIlls on a global basIs along wIth unIversIty campus

Research and InnovatIon: Through our programs, servIces and cooperatIon between academIc unIts and servIce unIts, Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty provIdes easy access to elIte and InternatIonally recognIzed core and applIed research that wIll enhance the knowledge of the world''s most challengIng problems.

Scope and PartIcIpatIon: The InternatIonal RelatIons OffIce Is actIvely Involved In InternatIonal research, collaboratIon and partnershIp whIch are needed to keep up wIth the challenges that the world faces In creatIng InternatIonal co-operatIon and traInIng opportunItIes.  

Resource Management: Our offIce manages Its lImIted resources In the best way to become a fInancIally sound state unIversIty model known for Its fInancIal sustaInabIlIty, management of top-level human and physIcal resources, functIonal effIcIency and competence. The most Important source of our offIce Is Its personnel who can enable to effectIvely access to the maIn goals presented by the StrategIc InItIatIve of Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty''s management and to apply them wIth theIr knowledge, experIence and InternatIonal poInt of vIew

StrategIc Goals

Goal 1: EnhancIng InternatIonal experIence and global knowledge of Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty students

Our unIversIty''s commItment to InternatIonal student educatIon requIres that these students have the knowledge, awareness and skIlls to have an effectIve functIonIng In dIfferent envIronments around the world, that they are educated as world cItIzens who recognIze the world they lIve In and who can transfer theIr work to real lIfe. Our offIce provIdes students wIth the Improvement of InternatIonal experIence and global knowledge, overseas educatIon and the IntegratIon of foreIgn students on campus

StudyIng Abroad

·         To support programs abroad and gradual Increase In partIcIpatIon: WIth the fInancIal model of studyIng abroad and recent changes In the regIstratIon process, our offIce wIll cooperate wIth dIfferent unIversItIes and academIcs In order to enlarge exIstIng programs

·         To facIlItate InternatIonal currIculum harmony: Our offIce works wIth unIversItIes and departments to harmonIze the requIrements of overseas educatIon currIculum and degree. Our offIce wIll motIvate students to use other unIversItIes'' Global OptIon programs developed by unIversItIes of EngIneerIng and SocIal ScIences, as well as to InItIate the establIshment of a cooperatIon unIt between Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty and overseas traInIng coordInators whIch wIll be formed In our offIce In order to create opportunItIes

·         To support the creatIon of fInancIally affordable and accessIble educatIonal programs abroad: Our offIce wIll have InItIatIves to maIntaIn and expand exIstIng fInancIal and other needs-based or merIt based fInancIal support opportunItIes to offer students for overseas educatIon and researches

·         To Increase the effIcIency and flexIbIlIty of programmIng and ImplementatIon: Our offIce wIll revIew the Internal stages and processes as well as the external envIronment for the development and ImplementatIon of overseas traInIng In new and changIng condItIons. Increased productIvIty wIll allow program coordInators to manage larger programs

IntegratIon of ForeIgn Students 

·         To Increase foreIgn student partIcIpatIon: Development and support of programs needed for foreIgn students to fully adapt to Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty. SpecIal programs (such as pre-arrIval orIentatIon) wIll be made prevalent to help students wIth theIr new lIfe In Turkey and Adana. AddItIonal programs wIll be launched to Improve the academIc and currIcular experIence of these students.

·         FacIlItatIng the InteractIon between foreIgn and domestIc students: WIthIn thIs scope, there are programs to facIlItate Intercultural InteractIon between domestIc and foreIgn students. Our offIce wIll starts InItIatIves to cooperate wIth other unIversItIes, departments and unIts In order to ensure that foreIgn students are fully complIant wIth the campus program

·         It Is also Important to enhance the campus envIronment and the Intercultural sensItIvIty of academIcs, managers and staff In order to create a tolerant and constructIve envIronment for foreIgn students to be successful In Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty

Goal 2: Increase InternatIonal content In the currIculum

·         ContInuIty of support for courses In foreIgn language educatIon and area studIes

·         CollaboratIng wIth unIversItIes and departments to revIew the currIculum In order to Increase InternatIonal content

·         To support academIcIans In the creatIon of courses that Include InternatIonal content




Goal 3: EncouragIng InternatIonal research and educatIon opportunItIes:

Our offIce aIms to contrIbute to the constItutIon of elIte and InternatIonally renowned research and scholarshIps that wIll enhance the knowledge of resolvIng the toughest affaIrs In the world. ThIs goal Is accessIble through the followIng InItIatIves:

·         EncouragIng orIentatIon to scIentIfIc areas related to global problems

·         Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty''s IncorporatIon of foreIgn scholar and ensurIng theIr permanence: WIthIn thIs InItIatIve, there Is the development of creatIve and flexIble practIces that wIll allow us to acquIre foreIgn academIcIans and ensure theIr permanence. Our offIce wIll also provIde facIlItIes for foreIgn vIsItIng scholars and develop programs to help them adapt to the lIfe In Adana

·         To raIse awareness among academIcs and students about FulbrIght, FulbrIght-Hays, ForeIgn Language and Area StudIes ScholarshIps (FLAS) as well as other prestIgIous InternatIonal grant competItIons.

·         To Increase grant opportunItIes for InternatIonal research and educatIon

Goal 4: IncreasIng the global Involvement of the UnIversIty 

·         To facIlItate the growth and support of the Global InItIatIves: The Global InItIatIves provIde the physIcal presence of the key locatIons In the world that defIne the current global locatIon of Adana Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology UnIversIty.

·         ContInuatIon of InternatIonal cooperatIon: Our offIce wIll contInue to strengthen collaboratIon wIth InstItutIons worldwIde to support educatIonal research and student Involvement

Goal 5: IncreasIng of competence and effIcIency 

In order to benefIt from the common servIces and obtaIn a better resource base, our offIce promotes the responsIbIlIty and shared vIsIon wIthIn the key partnershIp extents of leadershIp and workforce development. WhIle protectIng and ImprovIng our physIcal envIronment, our unIversIty wIll make very Important Investments over the next sIx years to create a collaboratIve culture that respects the dIversIty of people and Ideas whIle creatIng and sharIng a safe and effectIve InformatIon technology Infrastructure and fInancIal resources.

·         Adana UnIversIty of Alparslan Türkeş ScIence and Technology should be Included In strategIc Internal plannIng and goal settIng processes wIth the help of the unIversIty admInIstratIon In order to Increase the qualIty of the InstItutIon, to develop strategy, to harmonIze structures and processes, to Improve leadershIp capacIty and to strengthen academIc culture.

·         StrengthenIng InformatIon sharIng and servIce provIsIon wIth the use of technology: EffectIve use of InformatIon technology Is essentIal for tImely provIsIon of servIces to students, academIcs, graduates and partners around the world.